EverTrust is one of the French leaders in IT Digital Trust environments. Our experts have a wide set of skills and can help you on such topics as:

  • PKI architecture design
  • Setting up of a PKI
  • Setting up of a card management system
  • Designing and performing a Key Ceremony
  • Delivering expertise during PKI platform runtime
  • Deploying a multi-factor authentication or identity federation solution
  • Implementing typical hardware for such architectures (HSM, Smart Cards)
  • Deploying file or disk encryption solution
  • Setting up email signature and encryption solution


We deployed several tens of PKI-related platforms based usually on the following products:

  • Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services
  • Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services
  • OpenTrust PKI
  • OpenTrust CMS
  • XiPKI
  • Ansible
  • Hardware Security Modules from most popular vendors (Atos, Gemalto, Utimaco, Thales)
  • Smart Cards from most popular vendors (Gemalto, Idemia)

… and of course using some of our own products!

Our experts also have skills on most common IT software such as Active Directory, Linux, Postfix, PostgreSQL… EverTrust unique value lies in this ability to combine all these skills to deliver top-notch integration services, thus ensuring on-time project completion.

EverTrust can act as prime contractor or sub-contractor, depending on the scope of your project.