Horizon + Microsoft Endpoint Manager

Unleash the power of Endpoint Manager for certificate management, while keeping your existing PKI!

Full integration with Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune)

SCEP integration

Enroll your certificates through Horizon using the SCEP protocol. Ideal for authentication and signature certificates.

Imported PKCS integration

Enroll and push your certificates securely as PKCS#12 within Intune, and escrow a copy within Horizon. Ideal for encryption certificates.

Full lifecycle support

Initial enrollment, renewal and revocation are supported in both integration modes. Avoid outages and dangling valid certificates.

Helm chart installation video in a terminal

Full functional support

The SCEP integration supports full lifecycle integration, orchestrated by Endpoint Manager.

The imported PKCS integration supports as well the full certificate lifecycle, based on user’s Azure AD data, and orchestrated by Horizon.

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