Horizon + Kubernetes

Discover how to install Horizon in less than 10 minutes in your existing Kubernetes cluster.

Discover first-class Kubernetes support

We want Horizon to be installable alongside your usual workloads. That's why we built a powerful integration with Kubernetes.

Built for the cloud

Right from the choice of our tech stack, we wanted to be cloud-native and thus are able to deliver outstanding performances in the cloud.


Allow Horizon to scale up and down instantly according to your workload thanks to a powerful metrics systems that integrate with your cluster.


Setting up High Availability is a breeze using our Helm chart which auto-discovers other pods in your cluster and make your infrastructure resilient.

Helm chart installation video in a terminal

We believe in the K8s ecosystem

We fully integrate with multiple Kubernetes ecosystem technologies and CNCF projects, like Helm, providing you with almost one line installs.

We support exporting metrics in the OpenMetrics format used by Prometheus and likely already monitoring your cluster.

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