Take back control of your business-critical cryptographic assets.

3 key steps to governance


You should be able to have full visibility over your cryptographic assets.


Your cryptographic solutions should work with each others.


Rely on KPIs to take strategic decisions about your assets.

Let's get you some visibility

Over your entire infrastructure, many certificates can hide and get out of your control. It's harder to manage and is prone to cause certificate outages.

With the Horizon Discovery module, you're at all times in control of all of your certificates. Yes, even those installed by a third-party without you noticing.

We achieved our CAs migration for the entire organization in less than 5 months.

Security Manager


First class REST support

We believe you should be able to always use your data when and how you want.

That's why our products expose REST APIs using open formats. You can manage your installations, automate your configurations or search and export your data... The possibilities are endless.

We also provide dozens of integrations with open source and proprietary third-party applications.

Finally, reliable data

Who is able to efficiently analyze data across multiple web interfaces, PDF reports and third-party data sources?

With Horizon, you get one dashboard with all the features. Centralize your certificates data and use this single source of information to make business decisions fueled by actual KPIs surfaced from Horizon.

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